Chef Brian DragosC.E.C, C.C.E, C.F.B.E., A.A.C.

Chef Brian Dragos loves the flavors of the Southwest so much, he has a tattoo of the Minor’s® Fire Roasted Poblano Flavor Concentrate on his arm. It's a nod to one of his favorite products-- which he helped develop-- and to a career path that started at age 11. That’s when he told his dad he wanted a raise in his allowance. Instead of a raise, his dad got him a job bussing tables at a Mexican restaurant near his home in Phoenix, Arizona.

His love of Southwest cuisine stuck with him all the way to NESTLE® and MINOR'S®, where he worked with other chefs to develop the Poblano and Jalapeño flavor concentrates. Sharing the flavors he spent his career developing is an honor for Chef Brian. “There was just as much pride to make that as anything I've done in my career,” he says.

Chef Brian Dragos working in the kitchen

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Minor’s® Chipotle Flavor Concentrate and Poblano Flavor Concentrate

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Work History

  • Radisson Fort McDowell Resort & Casino, Fort McDowell, AZ—Executive Chef
  • Foodservice Specialists, Phoenix, AZ—Corporate Chef
  • Tekontrol, Inc./Military Sealift Command/Us Navy, Worldwide—Senior Chef Instructor
  • Ocotillo Golf Club, Brian’s Restaurant, Chandler, AZ—Executive Chef
  • Food & Beverage Mgr., Radisson Southbank, Phoenix, AZ—Executive Chef
  • Sheraton Mesa Hotel and Convention Center, Mesa, AZ—Executive Chef