Chef George SiderasCEC, AAC, HGT 

They call him the “Cliff Clavin of Culinary” for the wide ranging-- and equally obscure-- food facts he brings to every conversation. If you need to know the origin of French Onion Soup (or the etymology of the word soup, for that matter), Chef George Sideras is your man. Chef George first discovered what good food was as a teenage exchange student in Belgium, where the fresh, finely-executed cuisine was a revelation to him. His love of global cuisine sticks with him to this day. “Find me a small ethnic restaurant where no one speaks English and I am in Heaven,” he says.

When it comes to his own cooking, Chef George is a fan of all things braised and stewed. “I think that the opportunity to build multiple layers of flavors and umami is too hard to resist,” he explains. Oh- and if you need a history lesson on the origins of Umami, George is your man for that, too.

Chef George Sideras chopping an onion in the kitchen

More About This Chef

Favorite Food

Pot roast and mashed potatoes

Favorite Minor’s® Product

Minor’s® Chicken Base

Geographic Region



Greater Cincinnati Culinary Arts Academy

Major Achievements/Awards

John Sector Educator of the Year Award, Cincinnati ACF

The Gary Holliman Award, Research Chefs Association, given for technology and communication excellence

ACF Certified Executive Chef

American Academy of Chefs

Honorable Order of the Golden Toque

ACF Lifetime Achievement Award

Work History

  • Le Gourmet Room, Chef de partie, Cincinnati Mobile four star
  • The Maisonette Restaurant, Saucier, Cincinnati Mobile five star
  • Cincinnati Bengals, Private Chef to owner
  • Chef of multiple white tablecloth restaurants in Cincinnati and Dayton, OH
  • Longest tenured chef at Dayton Country Club, 2043 days
  • Sysco, Corporate Executive Chef- Cincinnati, OH