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June 29, 2012

Ancho Chicken Salad

from Minor's

I love this recipe because it has interesting textures, has visual appeal, and is very healthy. It’s bursting with flavor.

The salad starts with crisp jicama, luscious mango, thin slices of red onion, crunchy chopped cashew, scallions, and julienned jalapeno. Then, lean pulled chicken is added for a succulent protein. The dressing has 4 components: lime juice, which adds acidity, a necessary ingredient in all dressings; raisins, which add a very nice sweetness and also act as a thickening agent once the dressing is pureed; water; and MINOR’S Ancho Flavor Concentrate. The concentrate allows water to be substituted for oil in this recipe because of the depth and body of the ancho flavor. The overall result is clean, flavorful, interesting, and healthy.

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