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July 15, 2014

Clam Chowder with Miso


With classic chowder, you start by sautéing smoked pork and then adding flavorful clam stock. In this soup you start by making dashi, which brings a smoky element from the bonito and umami from the kombu. White miso adds another layer of umami.

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MINOR’S® Products Used in Clam Chowder with Miso:

MINOR’S Fish Base (No Added MSG)

MINOR’S Clam Base (No Added MSG)

MINOR’S Dry Roux® (Sauce/Soup Thickener)

MINOR’S Culinary Cream®

Chef’s Tip: The keys to creating a good Clam Chowder are nice tender clams, a great clam stock and the ratio of garnishes.

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