Our Story

Group shot featuring Minor’s chefs

A Fresh Idea

The year was 1951. Pabst aired the first beer commercial on TV. Tupperware parties took suburban America by storm. And Dr. L.J. Minor was ready to start a food revolution. A chemist who was obsessed with food and innovation, he had a plan to make cooking easier, and food more delicious. He would do the prep, the manual labor, so chefs could spend their valuable time on the part where the magic happens: perfecting recipes and making innovative, delicious food. So, he borrowed a mixer, went into the kitchen, and created a chicken base.

With no investors knocking on his door, phase two of this fresh idea came to life: turn the traditional sales and marketing model on its head by hiring his target audience: chefs. Chefs who personally appreciate the value of his innovative product to introduce it to their fellow chefs. This chef-driven concept was radical. And that is the foundation of Minor’s: a partnership between those making the product and those using it. Chefs loved the quality product they were getting, and Dr. Minor loved seeing those chefs cook amazing food. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The Chef-to-Chef Difference

Fast forward 70 years, and the Minor’s portfolio has grown to include dozens of other chef-inspired, chef-friendly gourmet innovations, including flavor concentrates, and other ready-to-eat sauces. These products make your food shine, and let you hone your own recipes. But it’s what hasn’t changed that makes us the most proud: premium products expertly crafted from high-quality ingredients, and brought to you by the chefs who use them every day. It’s the Chef-to-Chef Difference: our product is not an ingredient, it’s a partnership. With you. Think of us as your sous chef, your kitchen sidekick, your friend from culinary school.

Meet Us in the Kitchen

Our chefs love to tinker, create, and perfect amazing flavor profiles. We make the products we want to use, so we know you will love them too. So let’s talk. Let’s share ideas, inspire each other. We can’t wait to see what you will make next.

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Our Heritage

  • 1951

    Dr. L.J. Minor developed the first refrigerated, meat-first food base.

  • 1952

    MINOR’S® became the first manufacturer to hire chefs to sell food products.

  • 1970

    MINOR’S® began loyal sponsorship of the American Culinary Federation.

  • 1977

    Dr. L.J. Minor successfully fought to elevate the status of chefs from the “Services” to the “Professional” category in the Dictionary of Official Titles.

  • 1990

    MINOR’S® created and began sponsoring the ACF Chef Professionalism Award

  • 2015

    MINOR’S® production kitchen in Cleveland, Ohio, became a Zero Waste facility.

  • 2016

    Ready-to-Eat innovation launched, allowing chefs to use MINOR’S® products without needing any further heating or preparation to achieve food safety.

  • 2018

    Greenleaf Pestos launched, made from sustainably-farmed basil grown less than five miles from the MINOR’S® production kitchen."

  • Today

    Minor’s is the market share leader and the most trusted base brand.