Skirt Steak & Chimichurri made with Minor’s® GreenLeaf™ Cilantro Pesto

A Simple Recipe for Scratch-Like Flavor

Adding a touch of pesto makes any dish more premium—allowing you to charge up to 36% more per plate.1 And since half of diners are willing to pay more for items featuring fresh produce,2 offering Minor’s GreenLeaf™ Pestos give the premium experience of house-made pesto, without the added labor for your kitchen.

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Looks and Tastes Like You Made it Yourself

Scratch Quality

With the color, texture and flavor of house-made pesto, Minor’s GreenLeaf™ Pestos perform like they were just prepared from scratch.


While the quality of your local ingredients can vary month to month, Minor’s GreenLeaf Pestos are a consistent source of fresh-harvest flavor.

Fresh Flavor

Ready to Flavor™ technology, including cutting edge High Pressure Processing, preserves the color, texture, flavor and aroma of fresh herbs.


Herb sauces and vegetable-centric ingredients like pestos appeal to a variety of dietary preferences and can be used in many hot and cold applications including pasta, salads, flatbreads, dips and finishing sauces.

  • Made With 100% Real Parmesan Cheese
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Artificial Colors
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian

GreenLeaf™ Pesto Sauces

Minor’s GreenLeaf™ Basil Pesto

A classic combination of tender basil, garlic, olive oil and 100% real Parmesan cheese. Made from locally grown basil that is picked just 5 miles from the Minor’s production kitchen, where its full flavor is captured at the peak of freshness.

Basil Pesto
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Pack Size
3/1.6 LB Frozen Pouch
Labeled Allergens*

Minor’s GreenLeaf™ Cilantro Pesto

The brightness and fresh flavor of cilantro, lime juice, garlic, olive oil, 100% real Parmesan cheese and a hint of jalapeño. Brilliant color, pungent aroma and a coarse texture signal scratch-like quality.

Cilantro Pesto
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Pack Size
3/1.6 LB Frozen Pouch
Labeled Allergens*
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Responsibly Sourced Basil

Minor’s basil growers use a variety of sustainable farming practices:

  • 85% of water used is captured from precipitation
  • Only 1 gallon of water used to grow each plant vs. 40 gallons per plant for traditionally farmed basil
  • Use of 8,000 ladybugs annually replaces 1,500 gallons of chemical pesticides
  • Minor’s production kitchen became a Zero Landfill facility in 2015, eliminating more than 3.6 million lbs of waste from filling up landfills.
  • Reinvest in the community through employee ownership
Ready to Flavor
Muffaletta Basil Pesto Sandwich
Farro Salad
Side Salad

Through our rigorous 5-Step Process, Minor’s Flavor Concentrates are tested Ready-to-Eat, meeting USDA and FDA safety standards for ready-to-eat foods without the added step of cooking. Along with Minor’s Bases and Sauce Concentrates, Flavor Concentrates are ready to add to hot or cold applications—from spreads and dips to entrées and soups.

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