Tested Ready-To-Eat
Ready To Flavor
Incorporating distinctive, mouthwatering flavor across the menu is easier than ever before with Minor’s Ready to FlavorTM—and Tested Ready-to-Eat (RTE)—bases, concentrates and sauces.

What Is Ready-to-Eat?

All Minor’s products are now Ready to Flavor and Tested Ready-to-Eat. According to the USDA and FDA, "Ready-to-Eat" (RTE) means the food is in a form that is edible without any additional preparation to achieve food safety.
Rigorous finished product testing Rigorous finished product testing Rigorous finished product testing

How we accomplished it

After end-to-end process optimization and a new investment in our kitchen, we are proud to offer the same consistency and flavor that is trusted by chefs with added ease and confidence by way of—
  • Rigorous ingredient sourcing through end-to-end classification and evaluation of every ingredient to meet or exceed Nestlé global standards.
  • Comprehensive ingredient handling ensures every critical incoming shipment is tested for absence of pathogens.
  • High Pressure Processing (HPP), a natural, state-of-the-art pressure-preserve technique to reduce microbes without changing flavor, texture or product integrity
  • High-hygiene packaging with a restricted zone and intensified control of air flow, traffic flow and materials

Validating Ready-to-Eat Integrity

Rigorous finished product testing ensures the safety and Ready-to-Eat designation of our products through—
  • Detailed, daily sampling of every production run to ensure each product is Ready-to-Eat
  • No product is released into distribution until all tests have been cleared
  • Cases still fully traceable throughout entire distribution
Rigorous finished product testing Rigorous finished product testing

Learn more about the steps Minor’s takes in maintaining quality in the Quality Assurance Brochure.

Learn more about our Ready to Flavor process by exploring the FAQs.

Rigorous finished product testing

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